What Is HCIEF?

Purposes, Functions and Activities

The Haviland Collectors International Educational Foundation is a tax-exempt (501c3) charitable organization within the Haviland Collectors International Foundation. Its principal method of funding is through donations made to establish and maintain memorial funds in honor of deceased members. A benefit auction is held at every annual conference with the proceeds going to a specific memorial fund, the scholarship fund, the archives fund or the general fund, as designated by the donor. HCIEF’s purposes, functions and activities are outlined below.

1. To educate the public about the porcelain, pottery and other products of the Haviland companies of Limoges, France, and the United States.

2. To research and study the history, social impact, products, manufacturing processes and techniques of the Haviland companies.

3. To provide monetary grants, scholarships and other financial aid for research of Haviland and related topics. Recipients are expected to present the results of their research at an annual conference and are encouraged to publish.

4. To organize and conduct exhibitions of the products of the Haviland companies in libraries, museums, historic homes, historical societies and schools.

5. To sponsor the authorship of catalogs for exhibitions of Haviland products.

6. To publish and sell books, both in hardcopy and digital formats, on topics related to Haviland including, but not limited to, Haviland artists, backmarks, blanks, patterns, designs, patents and exhibitions.

7. To provide lecturers and exhibitors for schools, museums, libraries, collector organizations, professional organizations, historical societies, antique shows, etc.

8. To conduct local, regional, national and international meetings and conferences.

9. To maintain the HCIEF Archives at the University of Iowa, which is available to the public as a depository of books, articles, catalogs, pamphlets, advertising products, historical correspondence and other items relating to the history of the Haviland companies for individual and group research.

All donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

To make a donation by mail, please make check payable to HCIEF and mail to:
Haviland Collectors International Foundation
P. O. Box 5163
Buffalo Grove, IL 60089
use PayPal at
Log in to PayPal and click Send Money. The donation should be made to
Please be sure to note that your payment is a donation to HCIEF.
Unless designated otherwise, all donations will go into the HCIEF general fund.