Edouard Marcel Sandoz Haviland Porcelain


Edouard Marcel Sandoz Haviland Porcelain by Jean-Claude Segonds


2015 English Edition

Edouard Marcel Sandoz

Haviland Porcelain

Jean-Claude Segonds
Les Editions de l’Amateur, 2015
192 pages
More than 200 illustrations

The work of Edouard Marcel Sandoz contains thousands of creations, mostly of animal inspiration. In 1915, Sandoz met the famous Limoges porcelainier, Theodore Haviland, who commissioned a variety of small pieces. Sandoz invented a new style of utilitarian objects: dishes, vases, inkwells, lamps. Nearly a hundred pieces were created in less than ten years. Fired in large numbers, these objects have become very rare and are now the delight of antique hunters.

Author and HCIF member Jean-Claude Segonds has been an antique dealer and appraiser in Limoges for many years. His discovery of the work of Edouard Marcel Sandoz led him to undertake in-depth research, which resulted in a thesis on Sandoz’s dealings with Theodore Haviland. A first version of this present work was published in 1995. This won Jean-Claude Segonds membership in the Chambre nationale des experts specialises and appointment as an assessor to the valuations tribunal of the French customs service.

The book contains the results of new research on Sandoz and his collaborations with Theodore Haviland. The primary photographer was HCIF member Arthur Levin. Written in French, the excellent translation into English was done by scholars working with the Fondation Edouard and Maurice Sandoz in Switzerland, whose involvement in this project was greatly appreciated.

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