Pattern ID – Dinnerware



This HCIF pattern identification service is intended for individuals who want to know more about family china or a recently acquired set for personal use. It is NOT intended for online sellers seeking information to help them market their china. This service is staffed by volunteers who will respond to inquiries in as timely a manner as possible. Sometimes inquiries are forwarded to members whose expertise in certain areas can provide more informed responses. This may delay a reply for a few days.

Because of the high volume of identification requests received, we will accept only one ID request from a non-member email address every three months, and only one pattern per request.

Identification of Haviland can be challenging, as there are thousands of patterns that have not yet been cataloged. Most vintage Haviland patterns do not have “names” as such, as few were ever named by the companies. Early writers on Haviland as well as collectors have given names to certain patterns, but they are not officially cataloged as such.

We will endeavor to identify patterns from these companies only:

  • Haviland & Co. Limoges (H&Co.)
  • Théodore Haviland
  • Charles Field Haviland, including CFH and CFH-GDM
  • GDA

We do NOT identify Johann Haviland patterns (Bavaria/Thailand) or pieces by companies other than Haviland.

We do NOT do values.

Instructions for Submitting ID Request

  • Send an image of the front of a plate. At least 7” in diameter is best, as saucers and butter pats can be much more challenging. If a plate is unavailable, send an image of an entire piece and one of the pattern detail.
  • Send an image of the back of a plate to include the backmark.
  • Each image size must be at least 100kb to allow for enlarging pattern detail. Images smaller than 100kb make an ID difficult and may delay a response.
  • Limit images to a combined 10mb, as larger emails may be filtered out by our server.
  • If there is a factory number on any of the pieces in the set (usually on the underside of the lids of sugar bowls or covered vegetables), please include it in your message. This can be helpful in the identification.

To have your pattern identified, simply CLICK HERE and send us your digital images. Clicking the link should automatically open an email in your regular email program. Having a popup blocker installed may prevent this. Please type Pattern ID Request into the subject line of your email.

By submitting digital images to this website for identification, the inquirer permits the use of the images for research or educational purposes by HCIF/HCIEF. The images may be included in our annual publication, but will not be used for commercial purposes.