Conference Registration Packet

Dear Haviland Collectors,

We are pleased to send you the registration packet for our 2023 Chicago conference, which will be held from June 15 to 18 at the Embassy Suites Chicago O’Hare Rosemont, the location of our 2011 and 2014 conferences. Room rates are guaranteed beginning three days before the conference and ending three days after the conference, based upon availability. Come early and stay late. There is a lot to do in the area.

All of the conference details are in the packet, but we want to call your attention to a few items.

We are once again going to have the presentation “My Haviland History: How I Began Collecting Haviland.” We are asking our 2023 conference attendees to share how they first began collecting Haviland. The focus is on photos of those pieces or services that initially led each of us to spend so many years devoted to Haviland. Your photos will be compiled into a PowerPoint presentation. We are always interested in how our HCIF friends got started collecting their Haviland, so please let us know soon if you would like to be a part of this fun and interesting presentation.

We will again have a buffet dinner on Thursday as part of the conference package, instead of just a dessert reception.

As we all know, food costs are increasing, at home as well as at restaurants. The hotel’s catering menu prices are higher than in previous years, so the registration fee must be higher to reflect this. Most states have accepted our Federal tax exemption, but Illinois will not. We will, however, enjoy larger meals that include soup or appetizer, as well as salad, with our dinners, and customized side dishes for each dinner selection. The hotel provides a complimentary airport shuttle to and from the hotel, a significant savings for those flying to Chicago. For those driving to Chicago, we have a parking rate that is less than half of the usual rate. Please be assured that we are doing our best to keep the conference costs as reasonable as possible.

We have planned what promises to be another outstanding tour. Lunch is included this year, raising the usual tour cost by only $15.00, less than what we typically spend for lunch on our own.

In order to protect the health and welfare of all of us, we encourage that all conference attendees be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

If you are coming to the conference alone and wish to share a room, we will provide you with names of possible roommates. Please let us know if you are interested.

We encourage you to send in your registration form soon. If you would like us to wait to deposit your check, we can certainly do so. Just write a note with the requested deposit date on your registration form.

This year, we are asking you to mail your registration forms and payments directly to the registrar, rather than to the Post Office box.

We hope that you will join us at “Chicago: My Kind of Town.” We look forward to seeing you, our old and new Haviland friends.

Very best regards,

The HCIF Board of Directors

Karen Levin
42 Cedar Drive
Wheeling, IL 60090
Haviland Collectors International Foundation

  1. Click   HERE   to view and/or download the 2023 Registration documents in pdf format.
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  3. The conference will be held in Chicago/Rosemont, IL, from June 15 through June 18. Come early and stay late.
  4. A regularly-updated list of conference registrants is available in the Members Login area.