2019 Board of Directors Election Candidate Profiles


2019 Board of Directors Election

Candidate Profiles

For a Three-Year Term
2019 – 2022

FRED DANIELS – San Francisco, CA

Fred Daniels started collecting antique Haviland tableware in the early 1990s, and has since expanded to other examples of Haviland’s production, such as barbotine pottery and Presidential china. He has recently compiled a list of Haviland dinnerware patterns that were designed by important French and American artists and ceramists of the late 19th century, and hopes to expand his list with research at the Haviland factory archives and other resources in Limoges and around the world. He is a past president of HCIF/HCIEF and is on the board of the San Francisco Ceramic Circle. Fred continues to promote the understanding and appreciation of the products of the Haviland artistic studios through articles and presentations around the US. He works as a compliance project manager for Union Bank.



I joined HCIF in 1999 and attended my first conference in Chicago in 2002. It was at that conference that Alice and Wayne Pricer were responsible for making us so welcome that my husband Jim and I have attended every conference since then. I have previously served on the board, as well as being on the committees for the Dearborn and Toledo annual conferences.

I have collected Haviland for over 50 years, but it was not until I joined HCIF that I really learned and appreciated the many facets of Haviland. It has been twenty years since I retired as a Culinary Arts instructor from Salem High School in Plymouth, Michigan.  As I have always enjoyed entertaining, it has given me the ability to use one of my several sets of Haviland. I also have a special interest in any Haviland pieces decorated with children or the Little Chef. In the past couple of years, Jim and I have started to collect Haviland pottery.

Since Haviland adds so much beauty to our lives, I want to continue to learn and share more information about Haviland through HCIF.


KAREN LEVIN – Wheeling, IL

Karen has been a member of HCIF since 2000, serving on the Board since 2007. She has held the positions of President and Editor, and is currently the Membership Chairperson/Corresponding Secretary and co-editor of the Haviland Quarterly. Karen and her husband Arthur organized the 2013 HCIF tour to Paris and Limoges. She has been involved in the planning of all of the conferences in recent years, serving as co-chair of the 2011, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019 conferences. Karen has enjoyed giving presentations at conferences and contributing articles to the Quarterly, as she delights in the research involved. She is currently researching services that Haviland designed for international royalty, heads of state and other government officials, and famous personalities. She will present her preliminary findings at the 2019 annual conference. Karen and Arthur have also given presentations on Haviland at local Questers meetings.

Karen’s Haviland pattern is Silver Anniversary, which she loves for its elegant simplicity. She is a retired high school math teacher, who now spends her time tutoring, gardening, going to the gym, and taking care of HCIF business.


RICHARD PRYOR – Palm Springs, CA

Richard is a member of the San Francisco Ceramic Circle and on occasion organizes local Haviland gatherings in California. He has been a member of HCIF since 1997, and has previously served on the Board of Directors. He began collecting Haviland when he inherited three sets from a cousin. A move to San Francisco about 25 years ago caused the need to economize in the early 1980s, so his active collecting came to a stop, and he considered selling everything Haviland at that time. His partner suggested a Walter Larson Antique Show that featured HCIF and, of course, many Haviland dealers. The Haviland bug bit a second time and, as there is no known cure, Rich was hooked.


NICK TEX – Scottsdale, AZ

Dr. Nick Tex is currently a professor at Carrington College in Phoenix, Arizona, where he teaches human anatomy, physiology and microbiology to nursing students. Nick earned his degree as a pharmacist from the St. Louis College of Pharmacy and his MBA degree from Fontbonne College in Clayton, MO. Nick earned his Doctorate in management and organizational behavior from the University of Phoenix.

Nick’s love of Haviland began many years ago when he and his wife Ann owned a retail pharmacy in Illinois. The pharmacy included a large gift area and a bridal registry that specialized in Haviland china and Wedgewood. Over the years Nick and Ann have collected many different pieces and patterns of Haviland, but Nick’s favorites are Marseille with gold and Meadow Visitor. Nick currently sells antiques, including Haviland, in an antique mall in Scottsdale, AZ.

Nick has served on the board for the past three years, and is currently the Recording Secretary.

For a One-Year Term

2019 – 2020

JUDITH WYNNE – Crawfordsville, IN

Although my great-grandmother had a service for twelve in white Ranson (family legend has it that the bill was $7), and a great-grandmother on the other side had gold band Haviland, I came very late to HCIF and to an appreciation for Haviland. I had three “modern” Haviland sets of varying quantity, but I was not lucky enough to inherit any of the family dishes. And when my Haviland-collecting future mother-in-law asked me if I would like a set of hers, I turned it down! So it surprised everyone a little when I purchased a service for eight at a bargain price at a going-out-of-business sale I passed on my way home from the dentist. It was 87D, love at first sight, and I was hooked. Researching my pattern, I found HCIF, joining in 2015, and was truly launched as a collector, limited only by pocketbook and shelf space. (I worked in bookstores before retiring, so shelf space was already at a premium.)

Since then I have learned so much, and have had so much fun at our conferences. I’m happy to give a little back to HCIF.